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  • MGMT 3213 Principles of Management

    This course examines the theory and practice of higher levels of management. Emphasis will be paid to developing the skills needed as the student develops his or her career: communication, vision, leadership and understanding personality differences. The four major principles of management will be explored: planning, organization, leading and controlling. Prerequisite: BUSN 2113 Business Communication. Southwestern Christian University. (2016). 2016-2017 Undergraduate Academic Catalog. Bethany, OK, USA: Southwestern Christian University. Retrieved December 29, 2016, from

  • PSYC 3103 Social Psychology

    An overview of the field of social psychology. A study of the individual and the relationships with others in his/her environment. Explores the development of social psychology as a discipline, the major theories and the theorists, social communications and language, socialization and development across the lifespan, social norms, social order and conformity, research techniques in social psychology and interpersonal attractions.

  • BUSN 3553 Business Research and Statistics

    This course provides the student with the basic understanding of the research, application of principles, methods, and techniques, and statistical analysis including measures of central tendency, dispersion, correlation, and hypothesis testing required to conduct and report business applied research. A comprehensive research project will provide for relating the theoretical concepts and techniques to the "real world" problems.

  • BUSN 3413 Organizational Communication

    The purpose of this course is to become familiar with principles and practices of communication in the workplace and in one’s personal relationships. Verbal, nonverbal, written and contemporary methods of communication will be examined. Each person will examine his/her individual skills and seek to discover ways of improving communication at work and in personal relationships. Ethical practices in the workplace will be examined.

  • BUSN 2443 Introduction to Business

    Principles, problems, and practices of the business world are explored. Various fields of business and career opportunities in these fields are surveyed.

  • CHED 3113 Biblical Teaching Methods

    A study of the methods of classroom instruction and preparation of instructional materials with specific application to using the Bible as the text, emphasizing the ministry of the Holy Spirit in teaching. Practice in writing behavioral objectives is included as well as discussion of problems associated with teaching such as motivation, communication skills, classroom discipline and evaluation.

  • HUMA 2803 Comparative Religions

    Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, and major cults constitute the major non-biblical religions considered in World Religions. The course also presents a survey of Judaism and Christianity and concludes with a comparison on all world religions. The study is historically and analytically presented from the Christian viewpoint. It is a presentation which inspires the appreciation of the unique values and blessings of Christianity.

  • BIBL 1403 Old Testament and History

    A general overview and understanding of the four major sections of the Old Testament: Pentateuch, History, Poetry and Prophecy. Attention will be paid to the major characters, events, and overarching themes. Also, we will study the revelation of God, the revelation of Jesus Christ, and the purpose of the Old Testament in contemporary society.

  • THEO 3303 Christian Theology

    A systematic examination of the key, orthodox theological concepts and doctrines of the Bible, emphasizing the Wesleyan-Arminian and Pentecostal views.

  • ICST 5403 World Religions

    A comparison of living world religions and select cults including: origins, founders, sacred texts, and central beliefs will be the content of this course. The study is historically and analytically presented from the Christian viewpoint. It is a presentation which inspires the appreciation of the unique values and blessings of Christianity but at the same time looking at other religions in a fair manner.

  • ICST 6503 Global Leadership

    Cultural values and practices, language barriers, non-verbal communication, and other pertinent characteristics will be covered in relation to ministry. Integration of biblical essentials within the boundaries of culture is emphasized.

  • HPSM 2433 Medical Terminology

    Medical Terminology is a course designed to help students understand the Greek- and Latin-based language of medicine and healthcare. Emphasis is placed upon word roots, suffixes, prefixes, abbreviations, symbols, anatomical terms, and terms associated with movements of the human body. This course also stresses the proper pronunciation, spelling, and usage of medical terminology.